About MyLocalVillage

About Us

MyLocalVillage connects people who want to embrace and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle, in their local community.

People who care for their community and the environment.
Get energised by what others are doing in your local community, and help and inspire others.

We believe that living a more sustainable lifestyle can have a positive impact on the environment, as well as on our health and wellbeing.


Security and Privacy are two key important points for us and, we work every day to ensure that MyLocalVillage is a safe, private and secure environment for our users.

We make sure that people sign-up on MyLocalVillage are real people.
- You must sign-up with your real name and a valid email address
- Your login information is encrypted by an SSL certificate.
- You can join only after your account is validated with a Code sent to your email box and/or mobile phone and that you have validated your email address. (we use the Two-Factor Authentication technology)
- You need to send a request to join a group (if the group is private)
- Someone needs to accept your follow request before being able to see posts or, send a message to this person.

We have a dedicated Privacy Settings section where you can adjust your privacy:
- Your profile and private conversations (posts, messages, chats) are not indexed by search engines
- You can disable your location
- You can decide who can (follow you, message you, see your friends, see your timeline, and more)
- You can download all your content anytime
- You can delete your profile anytime

We take your privacy seriously and we commit to:
- Not share your name, address, or email address with any agencies
- Respect Australia’s Privacy Act. the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and any other country's data privacy policy.